Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"I was hurt in an Albuquerque car accident, yet don't have health insurance..."

One of the key advantages to retaining counsel in your auto accident case is the ability to obtain needed medical care on a physician's lien, also known as a letter of protection. Caruso Law Offices has been helping Albuquerque folks injured in auto accidents for over two decades and in that time has established relationships with a wide variety of medical care givers. Our clients have the choice of dozens of doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, TMJ Specialists, Diagnostic specialists, and Chiropractors who are willing to see our clients with no co-pay or upfront cost; they agree to wait to be paid when we settle the client's case.

As many as one out of three New Mexicans do not have decent health insurance. Even when health insurance is available co-pays and restrictions of HMO policies make treatment for injuries difficult and sometimes impossible. Obtaining prompt, necessary treatment is crucial to getting back on one's feet after an accident. Further, insurance adjusters generally use the amount of necessary and reasonable medical treatment as a measure of the value of an injury case. If you are hurt and don't get prompt treatment the insurance companies will not pay a reasonable value for your pain and inconvenience.

Caruso Law Offices is committed to helping accident victims receive all the reasonable and necessary medical care they need. We understand that an auto accident is a family and personal crisis. We care, and we can help. Call today for a free, no obligation, consultation on your accident case.

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