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How to Pick the Best Attorney for Your 18 Wheeler Big-Rig Truck Crash

   If you have been involved in an 18 wheeler Big-Rig crash, the choice of your attorney will prove crucial to the success of your case.  Your attorney may mean the difference between a full recovery that makes you whole once again or years of unpaid medical bills,  lost time from work and permanent injury.
      The process of selecting a truck accident attorney can be stressful.  Advertisements for attorneys abound on the web, billboards, newspapers, and television commercials.  It can be difficult to determine an attorney’s true experience and qualifications through advertisements alone.

      The first step to selecting the best attorney for your truck  crash involves scheduling a few consultations. These consultations can be in person or over the phone. During the consultations, your goal is to interview the attorney to uncover whether they are a good fit for you. The following is a list of factors you should consider in choosing your truck crash attorney:


      Experience is an absolute must and should be among your primary considerations in selecting an attorney.  The field of truck crashes is complex and differs drastically from car accident law.  You need an attorney who has handled a number of truck crash cases so that he or she knows how to guide you to a full recovery.

      Examples include the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act's (FMCSA) regulations and the New Mexico Motor Carrier Safety regulations. These regulations govern the operation of truck companies and their drivers in New Mexico.  These regulations can be complicated and difficult to grasp by attorneys who don't practice truck accident cases on a regular basis.


      The law firm you hire will need to have sufficient resources to pursue your truck crash case to the fullest extent.  Consider the size of the firm and the firm’s contacts.  Most small firms will have the resources to dedicate to your case, but some solo practitioners will not.  Other large firms will delegate your truck crash case to a new attorney.  Ask your potential firm about its manpower and other resources, including investigators or truck accident re-constructionists.


      You should look for an attorney who will listen to your input and questions, update you on the status of your case, and be available when you need them.  Select an attorney who is able to devote time and attention to your case, meeting your individualized needs.  Look for someone who values client communication and understands the needs of clients who have experienced injuries at the hands of a truck accident.

Avoid Guaranteed Outcomes

      Nothing in life is guaranteed and you should avoid any attorneys who promise a certain outcome.  Rather, look for an attorney who promises to pursue your case to the fullest extent and fight for your best outcome, even when the outcome is uncertain.

Consider Financials

      Ask your potential attorney what the fee arrangement will be if you retain their firm and whether they require payment of costs during the case.  Most truck accident firms operate on a contingency fee basis and don't ask for costs until settlement.  Ask about the fee and compare among firms.

 Consider Client Testimonials

     Nothing says more about an attorney or law firm than testimonials from actual clients.  Search the web for attorneys with high rankings from actual clients.  Ask attorneys to provide written testimonials from actual clients.

Find the Perfect Fit

      You need a truck accident attorney who truly cares about your case and your recovery. Selecting someone you trust will ensure your case receives the dedication necessary to achieve a full recovery.

Caruso Law Offices:  Superior Representation for Truck Accident Victims

      The New Mexico Truck  Accident Attorneys at Caruso Law Offices offer  exceptional legal assistance to truck accident victims across New Mexico.  If you are involved in a truck accident, our firm offers the experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate representation you need to achieve the results you desire.

     Mark Caruso has settled several claims against interstate truck companies for multi-million dollars.  He has litigated cases in US District Court for New Mexico to a jury trial and was awarded $5.5 million from the jury.  He has retained the top experts and has the resources to take your case the distance if needed.

     Mark Caruso is one of the highest ranked personal injury and wrongful death attorneys in the State of New Mexico.  He has received numerous awards from attorney accredited groups.  He is highly ranked on Google and can provide copies of handwritten client testimonials and recommendations for your review.

     See the Caruso Law Office websites at or  for even more information about our New Mexico law firm.

      Our dedicated  team of attorneys will  fight for your full recovery, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent injury and punitive damages.

We offer a free consultation to new clients and have two office locations in Albuquerque.  We also handle cases statewide and routinely travel to cities all across New Mexico to meet with potential clients.  Call Mark Caruso toll at 505-883-5000 to speak to one of our award winning truck accident attorneys today.

BY:  Mark J. Caruso, Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Attorney

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