Friday, May 3, 2013

Discounted Attorney Fee, NM Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents and Collisions

Discounted 29% attorney fee  for personal injury and wrongful death cases that settle prior to a lawsuit, including auto, car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents and collisions

By: Mark Caruso, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney (Albuquerque, NM) 
Discounted 29% attorney fee for personal injury and wrongful death cases that settle prior to a lawsuit is offered by Caruso Law Offices.  This includes personal injury and wrongful death cases resulting from auto, car, truck, motorcycle, bus, bicycle and pedestrian accidents and collisions.

This  29% discounted attorney fee  is unprecedented in New Mexico, and Mark Caruso was the first Albuquerque Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney to give such a discount to his clients. Most every other  personal injury  and  wrongful death  attorney still charges the full 33 1/3% attorney fee.


This discounted attorney fee applies to all  personal injury  and  wrongful death  cases handled by Mark  Caruso including accidents, collisions, crashes and wrecks involving a  car,  truck,  semi-truck, 18 wheeler, tractor trailer, commercial vehicle,  motorcycle,  bicycle, bus,  pedestrian  and to all types of injuries and wrongful death including head trauma,  brain injury,  spinal cord injury,  broken bones, soft tissue injury, psychological injury including PTSD.

**The FORMULA  for the discounted attorney fee for all personal injury and wrongful death cases  is simple.

At the conclusion of the pre-litigation settlement of your personal injury or wrongful death claim only 29% is deducted for attorney fees, not 33 1/3%.
The math is simple, but the additional pocket money for the client can be enormous!

**The RATIONALE for the discounted attorney fee for all personal injury and wrongful death cases  is simple.

Caruso Law Offices  spends less money on expensive advertising than those other personal injury and wrongful death attorneys charging the   33 1/3% fee.
Caruso Law Offices  doesn't spend tens of thousands of dollars per month on television, radio, billboard and bus advertising. Because of the reduced advertising overhead, Mark Caruso can discount the attorney fee and put more money in the client's pocket. You don't really benefit from their advertising.

In fact, some jury polls indicate that juries don't like personal injury and wrongful death lawyers who advertise on television, radio, billboards and sides of buses. There is some evidence that they will award you less money because of who you have representing you in the courtroom.

Mark Caruso cites the NM Lawyers' Rules of Professional Responsibility which requires personal injury and wrongful death attorney to charge only a reasonable attorney fee based on the amount and kind of work performed. If the amount of work is less, why shouldn't the fees to the attorney be less. All personal injury and wrongful death attorneys should be following  Caruso Law Offices  example of the discounted fee. Fortunately, some attorneys have now begun copying Caruso's discounted fees.

**The  RESULT of the discounted attorney fee for all personal injury and wrongful death cases is simple.

A discounted attorney fee means more money in the client's pocket and less money in the attorney's pocket at the end of the case.
At the settlement of your case you are happier with our firm because you see more money going into your pocket with the  29% discounted attorney fee.

Mark Caruso continues to handle the property damage settlements and rental car for free.

A discounted fee does not mean discounted service!

Mark Caruso  has been practicing law since 1982--that's 31 years. An honors graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law, Mark is licensed in both California and New Mexico. He has been successfully handling personal injury and wrongful death cases for 31 years.

As a former insurance company attorney,  Mark Caruso  knows the ins-and-outs of the insurance claims business to get his personal injury and wrongful death clients the most money possible. He now uses that experience to help his clients against the same insurance companies. The lawyers and staff at  Caruso Law Offices  have been expertly trained by one of the most experienced and best personal injury and wrongful death attorneys in New Mexico.

There is no sacrafice in quality legal representation just because of the discounted attorney fee.

A discounted fee just means more money in your pocket when you settle your case.


Caruso Law Offices  gets new client referrals from prior clients, other non-personal injury attorneys, out of state attorneys, doctors, body shops and even insurance agents. These make up the majority of Mark Caruso's clients.

Some clients are attracted to the  discounted 29%  attorney fee.  Others are attracted to his experience as a former insurance company attorney who now works for the victims against these same insurance companies. Still others look at the high client ratings and testimonials as evidence of good work for their clients.

The attorney does less work in getting your case settled before a lawsuit is even filed,  and you should get a discounted fee since no lawsuit was required.

The discount applies to all  car accidents,  truck accidentsmotorcycle accidents, bus accidents, bicycle accidents  and  pedestrian accidents.  It applies to all personal injury claims and all wrongful death claims.

The people benefiting from this discounted fee are the clients of Caruso Law Offices. Call 505-883-5000 for a free consultation with Mark Caruso and find out why his  personal injury  and  wrongful death  law firm is so highly rated by clients and other attorneys. You can also see our website at

Mark Caruso  is available NOW to discuss your  personal injury  or  wrongful death  case. Call him today at 505-883-5000

Call  Mark Caruso  for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your case by telephone or in person.
Once you personally talk to  Mark Caruso  you will understand why you need his history of experience and  skills in your personal injury and wrongful death claim.

Your consultation is FREE, so you have absolutely nothing to lose--and everything to GAIN!

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