Thursday, January 17, 2013

Best NM Lawyers--AVVO Lawyer Ratin "9.9 SUPERB" Rating

Attorney Mark Caruso receives high marks and ratings from clients and other attorneys in handling of Albuquerque, NM personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Albuquerque personal injury attorney Mark Caruso has just been ranked by a prestigious attorney and lawyer rating ranking service as a  "9.6  SUPERB"  on AVVO Lawyer Ratings.   Mark Caruso ranks extremely high in the areas of Experience, Industry Recognition and Professional Conduct.  Mark Caruso has received numerous attorney and lawyer peer endorsements as well as the highest client ratings for his handling of personal injury claims. His attorney and lawyer peers have ranked Mark Caruso is one of the highest rated personal injury attorneys in the State of New Mexico.


     This AVVO lawyer rating of "9.9  SUPERB" makes Mark Caruso and Caruso Law Offices one of the highest and best AVVO rated personal injury attorneys and law firms in New Mexico. A perfect score is a 10.
     Thank you to the many clients, attorneys and lawyers who helped Caruso get this "9.9  superb" rating. The AVVO lawyer rating cannot be bought with paid advertising, but is earned from experience, industry recognigion, lawyer and attorney peer reviews, client reviews and professional conduct. It is considered the most verifiable attorney and lawyer  rating service available today.
     Avvo Lawyer Rating is guided by two basic principles:

1. Provide an unmatched level of transparency. Many of the online resources available today only show information about the lawyer who pays the most to be there. Avvo plays no favorites. We provide an unparalleled level of transparency that shines the same light on all licensed lawyers, enabling people who may know very little about law to make smart, informed decisions.

2. Provide more information and better guidance. We believe that access to easy to understand information about lawyers, coupled with guidance on how to use that information, is the best way to help people choose the right licensed professional. Information is empowering: the more people learn about their lawyers, the more comfortable and confident they'll feel seeking help. This benefits clients and great lawyers.

     Caruso Law Offices only handles personal injury cases.  As a former insurance company attorney, Mark Caruso and his staff us their experience to get the most money possible for their clients.  Because Mark Caruso knows the ins-and-outs of the insurance claims business, the claims adjusters' dirty tricks don't work on him.  Most cases settle out of court without a lawsuit, and Caruso is a strong believer in pre-litigation mediation and settlement conferences to get his cleints the most money possible.  However, Caruso and his staff are committed to take all cases to arbitration or trial if the amount the insurance company offers is unfair.

    Mark Caruso offers a free initial consultation with an attorney (not just a paralegal, like most other attorneys) to discuss your case.  You can expect confidentiality, honesty and great nuggets of legal help and information from this free initial consultation.
     Caruso Law Offices is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has two offices to serve its clients. Telephone is 505-883-5000  website is and email is


  1. It is considered the most verifiable attorney and lawyer rating service available today.

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